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He has stopped climbing on rocks (they are hard and unforgiving objects) but still gets out in the woods, still shoots black-and-white photos (now digital of course), plays guitar & bass and old-time banjo, and has finally stopped pretending he'll one day play Brazilian guitar like Egberto Gismonti. He's instead chosen to do his own thing with Barkhausen, releasing a first album in October 2017. To help understand scales and modes on the guitar he's built an online guitar fretboard scale tool.

Some free literature is available on this site. No, not sales literature, real literature. Also available is a bit of your typical home page indulgence, a list of some of my favourite artists and music, as well as the most popular part of this web site for over 15 years, The Comprehensive Bunny Name List. An amazing number of people are apparently looking for bunny names.

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